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In 2018, logistics IT expert Jeroen Kemp and Dimitri Goossens from Maersk Antwerp founded ChainCode together with UPS senior account manager Giovanni Gubbels. These three experts with their years of experience know exactly where the difficulties in the logistics sector lie and are able to offer reliable and sustainable IT solutions in response.


Jeroen Kemp has already built up an impressive service record in the logistics sector. Hired in by the top three high-tech global logistics players in the market, he has worked for the biggest brands all over the world. He has worked for many different companies in Toronto, Hanoi, Antwerp, Hamburg, and Gothenburg, including Microsoft, Samsung, DHL, Nike, and Nestlé where he analysed and streamlined outdated and slow logistics processes. In many cases, often on location, he has put together developer teams to develop and implement new, custom-programmed logistics software.

Jeroen has the ability to analyse complex IT systems from a bird's-eye perspective and to quickly find a solution. Alternatively, if the situation demands it, he can design and build completely new software or apps in a surprisingly short space of time.

Head of Development

Raoul Henning first came into contact with programming at the age of eight through K'NEX building sets for children. The programming-like way of thinking quickly became second nature, and the foundation for his future career was laid. Over the years, he moved from drag & drop programming to creating his first C++ ADC (at the age of 14), to developing and implementing an embedded C microcontroller for the Dutch brewery ’Dommelsch’ (at the age of 17).

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, he began his career with a secondment company. Working in different software fields helped boost and broaden his software knowledge, and helped him establish his professional identity. He went on to work for Philips Medical, where he and his team were responsible for finding the root causes of system critical bugs. Working for Philips also helped him develop the skill of leading a team.


Giovanni Gubbels has worked in the logistics sector for over nine years. He gained his experience at various logistics companies, covering all key elements of the supply chain in both the service and purchasing sectors. 


Over the years, Giovanni was involved with the establishment of several international and bonded warehouses of 30,000+ m2 and an inventory and warehouse transfer from Germany to the Netherlands. He worked on a number of improvement and change programmes and spent more than three years as a Senior Account Manager at UPS, where he was responsible for an extensive portfolio of global customers.

Making use of his experience in air, ocean, and custom clearance processes in multiple countries, Giovanni has been working as an independent entrepreneur in the supply chain industry since the summer of 2017, and became part of ChainCode when it was founded in the summer of 2018.

Head of Logistics Engineering
Logistics Operations Expert

Ben Scrivener is an experienced logistics analyst who has worked on the supply chain of many well-known global names including Levi’s, Vanity Fair, Hasbro, and Adidas. Combining solid general business knowledge, operations experience, and IT skills, Ben is able to take a holistic approach to the problems faced in today's challenging and fast-paced supply chain landscape.

Ben focuses on cutting through noise and getting to the root of an issue in order to find the right solution.

Peter van Herk has worked for more than 20 years in the supply chain in various roles amongst others as a logistics manager. In several companies mainly situated in the FMCG sector, he has gained extensive experience in warehousing operations, (inter)national road transportation, ocean freight and customs procedures. In his last job as logistics manager Peter has through the utilization of the lean methodology been able to improve cooperation with 3pl partners and various internal departments. The main focus for this effort were increasing customer satisfaction and reduce overall costs.
During his career Peter was heavily involved in various IT projects, as a superuser, he has been involved in all traits of the business from small system improvements to complete IT transformations including ERP implementations.
With his experience Peter is a perfect translator between our customer’s wishes and our development team. This in order to come to the solution for our customers which creates most value for our customers.